Self & Associates Services include:

Our services include:

Introducing or reintroducing management to the financial community and explaining the company’s story to stockbrokers, security analysts, money managers and other institutional investors.

Advising and assisting management on crisis communications during times of company turmoil — such as a reorganization, bankruptcy filing, major refinancing effort, launching a turnaround strategy, or the anticipated sale of the company — and the creation and hands-on implementation of a communications program addressing questions from customers, vendors, shareholders, broker, analysts, the media and others.

Developing and distributing information and materials to individual and institutional investors, members of the financial community, the financial news media, and other key audiences. This includes:

• Researching and writing news releases, financial announcements, annual reports, speeches and presentations.

• Responding to queries from shareholders, brokers, analysts and money managers.

• Managing and updating corporate websites and advising management on social media communications.

• Arranging meetings, both one-on-one and groups, between company executives and brokers, analysts and other members of the investment community.

Over the years:

We have served companies in industries as disparate as medical technology, biotechnology, telecommunications, defense, high tech and energy. A number of our clients have been headquartered outside of the United States — one, for example, was a major Australian winemaker — or have had substantial overseas operations, while choosing to maintain a listing on a U.S. exchange.


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